Pandemic Cancellations 

Stay tuned for more info on "LJTT"s" return to the stage!

We would like to take this down time to thank all the folks who spend their nights with the boys in the band, as well as give a big shout out to the venues who support LJTT and all of the artist they so generously book throughout the year...

Lets all stay safe !

In the meantime feel free to add "LJTT" to your Spotify Playlist, download a few tunes from Amazon, ITunes or CDBaby, or just enjoy a video from YouTube at our "LJTT Band" page... Don't forget to hit the "like" button and of course subscribe to out channel... Once again, thanks to all who let us do what we do ... Click the download button for a FREE acoustic version of "Friend" as a gift from all of us at "LJTT" and Hipidude Records... 

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